How to Tie Tungsten drop shot weight

Tungsten Dropshot Weights Picture

The drop shot rig is one of the most effective finesse tactics that isn't limited to certain conditions or locations. We show you the proper way to tie the drop shot rig along with some sound advice and tips on nose hooking your bait, leader lengths and drop shot weights.

Let's talk about how to tie the drop shot rig. What you're going to need is your fluorocarbon line and your drop shot hook. We're going to tie a standard palomar knot, so take your line and insert it into the eye of the hook once and pull it through quite a bit, about 3 feet through. Now take that line and run it back through the eye to double up the line and pinch it tight just like this. Now tie your palomar knot and be careful not to twist the line when tying it. Lubricate the fluorocarbon line before cinching the knot down.

Now listen up, this is the important part. Take your tag end and come back down through the eye of the hook. This is important because this is what makes the hook ride upright and perpendicular to the main line. Now you should have a real long tag end, and that is what you are going to use to tie the rest of your leader with. Actually, you don't even need to tie the weight onto this leader. If you get what's called a drop shot sinker, like this one here, it has a little metal clamp thing at the top that will let you wedge your line onto it so you don't have to tie it. It saves a lot of time and hassle. Your leader should be about 15 inches long.

So now that we have the drop shot rigging, let's go ahead and put the plastic bait onto the hook. Take the worm or other drop shot bait and insert the hook point into the bottom of the bait right behind the nose of the bait. Come up through the bait about halfway and then start threading the hook out through the nose of the plastic bait until the barb just barely comes through the nose of the bait. And that's it! That's how you tie a drop shot rig. You'll notice that the worm will come off the main line perpendicular, just like this. That's it, simple stuff.