Selecting Baits for Tungsten Dropshot Weight

Tungsten Dropshot Weights Picture

Selecting the proper bait for tungsten drop shot weight is easy if you remember that the technique is first and foremost designed to catch inactive and cautious fish. So, if you can use live bait-active minnows, leeches or nightcrawlers—do it. With artificials, use three- to five-inch thin, soft worms and scent-impregnated minnows. And nose hook your baits—natural and artificial alike—so they're free to wiggle. As for the best colours, simply match the hatch.

And some experienced anglers have sum up the three types of baits for tungsten drop shot weights.Just about any small, soft plastic lure will work for tungsten drop shot fishing. These baits work. Period. Haven't found any place they don't.

1.4" Ringworm. A flat (IE., non-actiontailed) worm. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2/3 of the bass can catch on the DS rig in the last 2 years have been caught on this worm.

2.Moving up on the popularity chart is the FindBass Mino Alewife. It also uses the DS Shad from FindBass, in the motor oil green flake color quite a bit.

3.Lunker City Rascal Worm, such as Green Weenie 3" and 4" Lunker City Slug-Gos for drop shot weight, especially in the spring.

You probably notice a theme in color schemes. Generally speaking, drop shotting is a finesse tactic designed to tempt neutral/negative or heavily pressured fish. Toward that end, low impact colors -- those that don't stand out from their surroundings and aren't likely to alarm or intimidate the fish -- are the most logical choices. It means that if it's not some variation on translucent brown and/or green, it's probably a really natural looking baitfish imitation.