Reins Tungsten Drop Shot Weights

Tungsten Dropshot Weights Picture

Reins tungsten drop shot weights do everything they are supposed to do. Reins tungsten drop shot sinkers gives anglers an advantage because it is denser than lead sinkers also meaning that it is more sensitive. These tungsten sinkers are also smaller than traditional lead and make more noise when drug across the bottom.

The unique reins tungsten drop shot weights design makes it easier to pull thru rocks, weeds, or brush with fewer hang ups. Reins down shot sinkers are made up of 95% tungsten and 5% nickel alloy making them 1.8 times as dense as lead and environmentally safe. The dense tungsten material allows you to feel every pebble along the bottom making it easier to tell a strike from a nibble.

Anglers who have always been on the leading edge of environmental activism and care choose Chinatungten Online to provide them a safe alternative to lead fishing weights that contains superior fishing attributes, making the terminal tackle choice that much easier in a time of change. Be the angler with the most technologically advanced fishing tackle in the boat with tungsten dropshot weights of Chinatungsten Online as a part of your terminal tackle.