Tungsten Finesse Drop Shot Weights

Tungsten Dropshot Weights Picture

Tungsten finesse drop shot weights are cylindrical with a line guide through their center. It is used as an alternative for Carolina rigging, the weight's profile lets them easily pass through heavy cover and over rocks. The Weights are pegged at a fixed position on the line using specialty stops.

Why Tungsten?

Lead is dead. Lure companies are facing the eventuality of lead bans throughout Canada and the United States. Some states, such as New York, have already banned the use of lead fishing weights in recreational fishing. More lead bans are certain to come.

Tungsten finesse drop shot weights, the most technologically advanced weight available today, provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to lead. Comprised of tungsten, the second hardest substance next to diamonds, tungsten finesse drop shot weights do not add pollutants to water, our most precious resource.

Tungsten finesse drop shot weights which made of tungsten are 25 percent smaller, much more sensitive and emit twice the sound of lead. Their sensitivity gives you the ability to better define under water structure.